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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/4034Margaret Bogan, Seapoint House, Irishtown, Dublin.BoganIrishtownClaim for £83 14s 2d for damage to building and for commandeering of stock, household effects and property by Crown forces in occupation at Seapoint House, Irishtown, Dublin. Payment of £51 12s 8d recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0592Michael Reilly, 30 Irishtown Road, Dublin.ReillyIrishtown RoadClaim for £30 for horse shot by Crown forces. Claim declined due to lack of evidence.
PLIC/1/0593Michael Reilly, 30 Irishtown Road, Dublin.ReillyIrishtown RoadClaim for £40 for loss of horse. Claim declined due to lack of evidence.
PLIC/1/5057James Maguire and Sarah Maguire, 26 Irishtown Road, Dublin.Maguire; WilliamsMiddlesex RegimentIrishtown RoadClaim for £5 for destruction of furniture by Lieutenant Williams of the Middlesex Regiment at 26 Irishtown Road, Dublin. James Maguire was arrested and deported for three months; his wife and family were held under house arrest for five days. Claim declined by Committee due to complicity in the rebellion. Includes description by Maguire of the raid on his house.
PLIC/1/1558John McDonnell, 10 Bath Street, Irishtown, Dublin.McDonnellBath Street; IrishtownClaim for £64 for loss of horse and milk. Declined by Committee.
PLIC/1/3188George McCarthy, 13 Bayview, Irishtown, Dublin.McCarthyFreeman's Journal LimitedBayview; Irishtown; Prince's StreetClaim for £7 15s for loss of cycle and accessories due to fire and the collapse of a building at the premises of the Freeman's Journal Limited, 4-8 Prince's Street, Dublin. Payment of £6 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4961Robert Smith, 56 St Brendan's Cottages, Irishtown Road, Dublin.SmithSt Brendan's Cottages; Irishtown Road; Percy PlaceClaim for looting of silver watch and medal by corporal of the Staffordshire Regiment at 1 Percy Place, Dublin. Claim sent to Major Heathcote at the Prisoners' Effects Office to be dealt with.