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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/6043Anne Breen, 15 Greek Street, Dublin.BreenGreek StreetClaim for £39 12s for seizure by insurgents of pigs, goats, carts and boiler at 15 Greek Street, Dublin. Payment of £25 12s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4232John Daly, 9 Greek Street, Dublin.DalyAlexander Thom and Company LimitedAbbey Street Middle; Greek StreetClaim for 8s for loss of composing stick by fire at Alexander Thom and Company Limited, 87-89 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/5677Robert William D'Vine, 3 Harrington Street, Dublin.D'VineHarrington Street; Bridge Street Lower; Greek Street; Gloucester Street Upper [Seán MacDermott Street Upper]Claim for £91 7s 6d for damage to buildings due to rifle fire and Crown forces in occupation at 23-24 Bridge Street Lower, Dublin, 10-12 Greek Street, Dublin, and 40 Gloucester Street Upper [Seán MacDermott Street Upper], Dublin. Payment of £35 12s 6d recommended by Committee.