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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/1766Florence C Bermingham, 10 Gardiner Place, Dublin.BerminghamGeneral Post OfficeGardiner PlaceClaim for £6 2s for personal belongings destroyed by fire at General Post Office. Payment of £4 15s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/3642Mary F Nowlan, 24 Gardiner Place, Dublin.NowlanGardiner PlaceClaim not proceeded with.
PLIC/1/5910Reverend Martin Corbett SJ [Society of Jesus], Belvedere College, Gardiner Place, Dublin.CorbettBelvedere College; Society of JesusGardiner PlaceClaim for £62 2s 3d for damage to building due to Crown forces rifle fire at Belvedere College, Gardiner Place, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1308Sylvester J Riordan, 14 Gardiner Place, Dublin.RiordanGardiner Place; Eden QuayClaim for £636 8s 6d for destruction of stock-in-trade and contents of building by fire at 7 Eden Quay, Dublin. Payment of £400 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4209Peter Ennis, 48 Gardiner Lane, Dublin.EnnisGardiner Lane; Beresford PlaceClaim for £59 6d for looting of cash and for damage to furniture, clothing and property due to artillery used by Crown forces at 18 Beresford Place, Dublin. Payment of £35 15s 6d recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4270John Harrison, 14 Gardiner Place, Dublin.HarrisonGardiner Place; Eden QuayClaim for £6 for destruction of compasses and equipment by fire at 7 Eden Quay, Dublin. Payment of £5 10s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4726Francis Victor Cornwall, 36 Rutland Square, Dublin, and William Stewart Cornwall, trustees on behalf of Reverend Ernest H Lewis Crosby.Cornwall; CrosbyRutland Square; Gardiner PlaceClaim for £5 3s for damage to dwelling house and premises caused by rifle fire and trespassers on the roof at 29 Gardiner Place, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4163John O'Mahony, 32 Gardiner Place, Dublin.O'MahonyGardiner Place; Abbey Street MiddleClaim for £66 11s 4d for destruction of office furniture, fittings and property by fire at 62 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin. Payment of £27 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/5184Rose Dunne, 8 Gloucester Place, Dublin.DunneRedmond and Company, pawnbrokersGloucester Place; Gardiner Street LowerClaim for £2 for looting of feather bed held under pawn by Crown forces to use as barricade at the premises of Redmond and Company, 96 Gardiner Street Lower, Dublin. Payment of £1 10s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1702William J Ellis, 27 Gardiner Place, Dublin.EllisGardiner Place; Parliament Street; Harcourt StreetClaim for £26 for property damaged by rifle fire at 37 Parliament Street and 57 Harcourt Street, Dublin. Payment of £7 13s 6d recommended by Committee.
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