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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/0012Margaret M Baker, tenement property owner, 11 Fownes Street, Dublin.BakerFownes StreetClaim for £20 for damage to roof and chimney at 11 Fownes Street, Dublin. Payment of £17 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0048Francis A Byrne, jeweller, 3 Fownes Street, Dublin.ByrneFrancis A Byrne, jewellerFownes StreetClaim for £34 7s for looting of jewellery and damage to premises at 3 Fownes Street, Dublin. Payment of £30 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/2671Edmund Johnstone Figgis, trading as E and C Figgis, tea merchants, 10 Fownes Street, Dublin.Johnstone FiggisE and C Figgis, tea merchantsFownes StreetClaim for £6 10s 6d for damage to property by Crown forces at 10 Fownes Street, Dublin. Payment of £5 15s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0704Henry Watkins, 60 Hollybank Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin.WatkinsHollybank Avenue; Fownes StreetClaim for £76 15s for goods looted at 19 Fownes Street, Dublin. Payment of £28 17s 6d recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/2948Arthur L MacDermott, 12 Grosvenor Place, Rathgar, Dublin.MacDermottGrosvenor Place; Fownes StreetClaim for £4 5s for damage by Crown forces to locks at 3-4 Fownes Street, Dublin, and for seizure by Crown forces of sheets of silk at 12 Grosvenor Place, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0293Alex Harper, 14 Fownes Street, Dublin.HarperTedcastle McCormick and Company LimitedFownes Street; Sir John Rogerson's QuayClaim for £25 12s 6d for damage to doors and goods looted from Tedcastle McCormick and Company Limited, Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin. Payment of £23 1s 6d recommended by Committee.