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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/0339John Keogh, 5-6 Fairview, Dublin.KeoghFairviewClaim for £30 2s 2d for damage to premises and stock-in-trade by rifle shooting and looting. Payment of £29 8s 6d recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0500Jane Nestor, 1 Fairview, Dublin.NestorFairviewClaim for £6 for damage to windows and doors. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1056Elizabeth Cassidy and Annie Cassidy, 8 Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin.CassidyFairviewClaim for £10 for windows damaged by rifle fire at 8 Fairview, Dublin. Payment of £9 15s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1928Patrick Quinn, Tokay House, Fairview, Dublin.QuinnFairviewClaim for £80 for the death of a pony and serious injury to a horse, caused by shots fired while grazing on the lands attached to Tokay House, Fairview, Dublin. Payment of £60 recommended by the Committee.
PLIC/1/3186Louis Quinn, 7 Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin.QuinnFairviewClaim for £6 2s 9d for damage to windows caused by rifle fire at 7 Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin. Payment of £5 10s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/6054Thomas Bruton, 9 Fairview, Dublin.BrutonGreat Northern Railway Company (Ireland)FairviewClaim for £5 10s for destruction of glass windows, due to rifle fire coming from the Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland) bank, to premises at 9 Fairview, Dublin. Payment of £5 7s 3d recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4313Mary McGauran, 1 Fairview Strand, Fairview, Dublin.McGauranFairview StrandClaim for £3 10s for destruction of shop window due to rifle fire at 1 Fairview Strand, Fairview, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/0778Elizabeth Carroll, 2 Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin.CarrollFairview; Richmond RoadClaim for £4 4s for damage to building and contents by gunfire and commandeering of sheep at 289 Richmond Road, Fairview, Dublin. Payment of £3 19s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1135Thomas Picton Bradshaw, Mount Duple, Clontarf, Dublin.BradshawClontarf; Croydon Park; FairviewClaim for £70 for building damaged at Croydon Park, Fairview, Dublin. Payment of £50 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1283Reverend John M Neary, The Presbytery, 10 Richmond Place, Dublin.NearyRichmond Place; Fairview AvenueClaim for £14 2s 6d for damage to building at 1 Fairview Avenue, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
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