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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/2616Michael D'Alton, 9 Eustace Street, Dublin.D'AltonEustace Street; Abbey Street MiddleClaim for £106 10s for destruction of office furniture by fire at Abbey Chambers, 70 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin. Payment of £90 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/1044Bovril Limited, 152-166 Old Street, London, England.Bovril LimitedOld Street; London; England; Eustace StreetClaim for £613 13s 9d for goods removed by Crown forces at 14 Eustace Street, Dublin. Payment of £599 15s recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/3248Catherine Berns, Ballymore Eustace, County Kildare.BernsHopkins and Hopkins, jewellersBallymore Eustace; Kildare; Sackville Street [O'Connell Street]Claim for £1 10s for loss of clock under repair at Hopkins and Hopkins, jewellers, Sackville Street [O'Connell Street], Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/6481Thomas J Furlong, 11 Eustace Street, Dublin, representing Lawrence Byrne, Camden Street Lower, Dublin.Furlong; ByrneEustace Street; Camden Street Lower; RathfarnhamClaim for seizure of meat goods by insurgents at Rathfarnham, Dublin. Claim not proceeded with.
PLIC/1/6107Frank Hennessy, 2 Chester Road, Dublin, and 16 Eustace Road, Dublin, secretary, Committee of the Ulster Football Club.HennessyCommittee of the Ulster Football ClubChester Road; Eustace Street; Ulster Park; SandymountClaim for £245 4s 6d for damage by insurgents or Crown forces to pavilion and premises, and looting of football gear and property at Ulster Park, Sandymount, Dublin. Payment of £50 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/5103Thomas Benjamin Middleton, 26 Eustace Street, Dublin.MiddletonEustace Street; Sackville Street Lower [O'Connell Street Lower]Claim for restoration money to protect mortgage interest in buildings destroyed due to occupation by insurgents and gunfire by Crown forces at 26-33 Sackville Street Lower [O'Connell Street Lower], Dublin.
PLIC/1/2745Andrew Byrne and M Byrne, Donade, Ballymore Eustace, County Kildare.ByrneHopkins and Hopkins, jewellersSackville Street [O'Connell Street]; Donade; Ballymore Eustace; KildareClaim for £5 for loss of lady's gold hunter watch under repair at Hopkins and Hopkins, jewellers, Sackville Street [O'Connell Street], Dublin. Payment of £3 recommended by Committee.
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