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CodeDescriptionSurnameBusinessLocationScope and Content
PLIC/1/6359Joseph Rafferty, Arklow, County Wicklow.RaffertyArklow; WicklowClaim for 16s. Claim declined by Committee, see PLIC/1/6360.
PLIC/1/1550Cornelius Allen, 1 Coolgreany Road, Arklow, County Wicklow.AllenCoolgreany Road; Arklow; WicklowClaim for damage to property following search by Crown forces. Claim not proceeded with.
PLIC/1/1695William Hunter, representing William Hunter and Sons, Hoynes Hotel, Arklow, County Wicklow.HunterWilliam Hunter and Sons; Hoynes HotelArklow; Wicklow; Corporation StreetClaim for £48 10s for property looted and destroyed at 63-64 Corporation Street, Dublin. Payment of £23 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/4254James McCabe, 40 Arklow Street, Dublin.McCabeAlexander Thom and Company LimitedAbbey Street Middle; Arklow StreetClaim for £1 8s for loss of tools and clothing by fire at Alexander Thom and Company Limited, 87-89 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/3158Joseph Farmer, 10 Arklow Street, Oxmantown Road, Dublin.FarmerMissions to Seamen Institute and Sailor's Reading RoomArklow Street; Oxmantown Road; Eden QuayClaim for £259 5s 11d for destruction of building, personal effects and household goods by fire at Missions to Seamen Institute and Sailor's Reading Room, 13 Eden Quay, Dublin. Payment of £176 recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/5658Elizabeth Tyrrell, Bridge House, Arklow, County Wicklow.Tyrrell; CarolanArklow; Wicklow; Sackville Street [O'Connell Street]Claim for 15s for loss of tagel hat at the premises of Miss Carolan, 42 Sackville Street [O'Connell Street], Dublin. Full payment recommended by Committee.
PLIC/1/2877Arthur B Brennan, Main Street, Arklow, County Wicklow.BrennanHopkins and Hopkins, jewellersSackville Street [O'Connell Street]; Main Street; Arklow; WicklowClaim for £7 10s for loss of gold watch under repair at Hopkins and Hopkins, jewellers, Sackville Street [O'Connell Street], Dublin. Payment of £4 10s recommended by Committee.